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  R A G N A R O S   E U   H O R D E   G U I L D

THE VIRUS is a friendly raiding guild with players who have been active for a very long time in World of Warcraft. Recently transferred to Ragnaros EU, we are looking for more dedicated raiders to join our core team, end progression together and prepare for the future expansion.







Raiding Days/Time:

  • GROUP ALPHAWednesday - Thursday - Monday,20:00 - 23:00/24:00 , server time. 
  • Raid Leaders: Sekhemet, Lathei


We never start a raid earlier than 20:00, but in really important situations, we will extend it by 1-2 hours and/or add one of the 2 free days to schedule; we expect our raiders to make an effort in such cases - which do not occur more than few times- and put the guild before other leisure time activities or social events. We use Mumble/Ventrilo and speak English.




Fast,quality raids with mature players in a friendly atmosphere and fair awarding loot. Players will have to prove their worth before being awarded with any loot. This is no free boosting in our raids. Loot Council is used, but, often rolls will be asked among our raid members.
A member's attendance rate and overall performance will effect his/her chances for raid spots and loot. So, if people can't keep at least 80% attendance and have no good performance, they will be replaced.


Raiding Rules



-Activity in guild/raid: 100% attendence is desired during progress raids, while we rarely push late hours, we expect you to be available when needed. Long periods of inactivity or absence during progess will result in your raid spot being given to a more active member.

- Being late for a raid during main raiding nights will give you loot roll restrictions. If you are late repeatedly late it will result in you being benched and eventually removed from the group.

-If you decide to raid with any other guild during main raid night you will be removed from the group(possibly the guild) with no possibility of reconciliation.

- It is mandatory to have flasks,potions,extra roll seals ready before the raid starts, leaving the instance after the raid starts can cause in benching you for the rest of the evening.

- During boss encounters it is MANDATORY to clear mumble and leave it only for tactics and the players who handle the strategies.

- Respect your fellow guild members. We’re here to help each other and respect must be a major focus of this guild. If there is a problem you need to share, please do so quietly to an officer via the whisper channel, or one of the private channels in mumble.

- Respect other guilds, while u may have had problems with certain players it is mandatory to carry a good image for this guild by showing a fair and a positive atitude and not being a troll or most important not ninjaing items in raids u may lead. Being reported for such activities may result in you being removed from VIRUS.

- If you will be offline for an extended period of time please let us know, either in-game before hand or through the guild webpage facebook or any means we use to comunicate.

- The Guild Bank is for everyone to take use of, if u need any items that u can not acces, ask one of the members that can give you that item.
All players who breach any of the following will be suitably warned and subsequently kicked if your behavior continues

• Abusive guild chat
• Drama
• Trade chat spamming/ swearing/ yelling
• Lengthy absence without notice
• Asking for help without ever offering to help
• Breaking guild bank rules

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